Welcome to our csharp school

      Hi viewers, Happy to meet you all. I know you are surely known about csharp. So I will come  to the point  and overview of this csharp website.

This website is used for easily learn about csharp language with in 30days. Surely you should become a csharp developer after 30days.Kindly i say only one thing, just follow my first day to 30days instructions.Here i teach  csharp step by step, and which is important,what is the main syntax,  How to start charp. i will tell everything about csharp.

And one more think, if you are a new guy in Microsoft technology., don’t worry about that.Because .Net framework technology is very easy to lean. And we have more support from Microsoft.

Each and every language syntax only different. But all concepts are almost same. So we do our best level.

Thank You


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